A wedding in Hawaii is a reflection of a dream come true and fun ceremony. It is a memorable celebration that most couples would have it difficult to forget. Hawaii weddings show a colorful, adventurous and scenic warmth to any events done here in the islands. There are lots of entertainment, music and most of all it is festive because of its dancing like hula. An endless array of food from traditional ones to western cuisine or a twist of both that will even entice your palette even more.

Ask your guest to wear flowers like having to adorn their ears with flowers. The left ear adorned means your are taken if the right it means you are still single. It is best also to play a traditional type of music like “Ke Kali Nei Au”.

It is best to use tan if not green grass table skirts in covering your tables. Continue to elaborate th decor with orchids, seashells, hibiscus and palm fronds. A bowl of some fruits with flowers as your center piece will be a delight to your guests. If your reception is held outdoors then why not decorate it with tiki torches.

Food & Beverage
For your guests meal serve them with a traditional salmon, fresh tuna, sweet chicken, poi, roasted pig and pineapple. For deserts give them some coconut cream cake or have them try a guava cream. Your drinks may be of PiƱa Coladas, blue hawaiians, strawberry punch, mai tais and some pineapple iced tea.

It would make it very exciting and fun to have some greet your guests with lei given to be worn. Hire some hula dancers if not fire dancers with a band to allow your guests to take pleasure of your wedding.

There are a lot of ways of which weddings in Hawaii ideas are well done so make use of every ideas to make a perfect wedding for you.

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